Custom Mallet Stamp price guide

Price Guide for leather embossing stamps for use with a mallet (AKA Hand Stamps or Punch Stamps)

Format 2:
26mm diameter Mallet/Punch Stamp

With a length of 5 inches (127mm) and a diameter of just under 1 inch (26mm) these stamps are ideal for small designs, logos and Maker's marks.

The handle is hand lathed with a bevelled top to aid precision mallet blows and a comfortable grooved grip area exactly where you'd want to hold it. The sturdy shape eliminates the 'bounce' problems sometimes experienced with nylon stamps.

We have created these stamps to be a very low priced way of enabling leather crafters to emboss custom designs on limited production runs where previously the cost would have been prohibitive.

ARTWORK TIP: The best impressions are made by using a balanced design (i.e. not lop-sided) so always our recommendation would be to enclose any design with a 2mm wide circle - this also adds strength and durability to the stamp and the impression looks great too!

To keep things simple we are pleased to offer these stamps at a single price of just £65 including P&P, irrespective of the design. If you'd like us to create the artwork for this just send an email with full details and any reference materials and we'll provide you with a quotation.




So, what do you call an embossing stamp?

When it is a flat stamp with no handle, the sort that is normally used in a press, then it can be called a Plate Stamp, a Biscuit Stamp or a Die Stamp, depending on where in the world you are.

Here in the UK we tend to call them Biscuit Stamps as biscuits are flat and can be of any shape.
We hope that makes sense to you!

For stamps where you use a mallet rather than a press, these are known as Hand Stamps, Hammer Stamps, Mallet Stamps or Punch Stamps to name but a few. We hope you like what we've called ours - we've tried to use universal terminology so the names describe what they do.

Format 3:
Hipped Mallet/Punch Stamp

Here's the solution to all those awkward shaped designs you've always wanted to have on a hand punch stamp!

This version is a handy 4 inches (101.6mm) long with a stamp area for your design of 2¼ inches (57.15mm) wide by ½ inch (12.7mm) deep. The strike zone is rounded for precision blows and the flat nature of the overall shape allows for perfect alignment on your product.

ARTWORK TIP: Any design to be engraved should ideally be 1 mm less all round within the above dimensions. Regarding the width of your design it can be any size within the above dimensions and if it is a lot smaller (e.g. only 1½ inches / 38.1 mm) we will machine the overall stamp width down to fit. This makes it much easier for you to accurately position the stamp on your product.
We are happy to provide you with a quotation for custom artwork if you don't have anything suitable to provide us with - just tell us what you need!

As with all stamps, don't make it too detailed or complex - less text means more impact.

Provided you don't need custom artwork creating we are pleased to offer these stamps at an all-inclusive price of just £85. This can include whatever text you want - we'll email you a proof for approval before making the stamp.

Format 4:
Biscuit Mallet / Punch Stamp

If you don't have a press yet need a custom shaped embossing stamp, we can help!

Simply choose your specifications from our Custom Stamp Price List and for just £20 extra we'll add a punch / mallet handle so you have a unique hand embossing stamp.

The handle diameter is 16mm and the overall length of these stamps is 5 inches (127mm). This is permanently welded into the biscuit shape so is well able to withstand the endless rigours of embossing strikes.


As a 'rule of thumb' for these stamps we'd recommend keeping your biscuit area to no more than approximately 4 square inches (25.8 square cm) as mallet blows cannot exert the same pressure as arbor or machine presses. This means that the bigger the embossing area, the more force would be required to make a deep impression. So, with a mallet and a big area to emboss, the likelihood would be that even an Incredible Hulk style blow may not create a deep enough impression!

This is one of those things where common sense is key. The less percentage of area that has to emboss, the less resistance is given by the leather and the deeper the impression it will create. Conversely, if you have a design which covers say 80% of the stamp area, then you'll need much more force or a smaller stamp to get the desired depth. So, if you have a fairly dense design, it is best to keep the maximum embossing size down to about 3 square inches (19.3 square cm).

TIP: One thing that can help you get a deeper impression is to give the leather a good soaking in tepid water to get it as soft and swollen as possible. This gives it less resistance and so needs less power to drive the impression in. In the end its all down to the skill and good judgement of the leathercrafter.