Custom Stamp Price Guide

Price guide for custom leather embossing stamps - biscuit / plate format for use with presses

Format 1: Biscuit / Plate Stamps

Will it stamp?

See what sort of leather will or won't stamp by reading this article.

What do they cost?

Chart below applies to our high impact acetal stamps only.

ARTWORK. As this is a bespoke service we can only offer you guidance on design and artwork pricing. For example the Eye of Sauron pictured here took a lot of research so the design and artwork for something like that would cost £80 - £120. Whereas the pentangle stamp artwork below it is quite simple and would only cost around £25.

The key to saving money on artwork is to provide us with as much relevant reference material as possible and at as high a resolution as you can. If we have to research images it will cost a bit more and what we find may have to be adjusted if it's not quite what you had in mind!

MAKING THE STAMP. For your convenience we charge by the square inch or square centimetre for engraving and making embossing stamps, based on the overall height x the overall width. So if you want, for example a circular stamp 2 inches (5.08cm) in diameter the overall size would be 4 square inches (12.9 sq cm) and would therefore cost:

£22.86 x 4 = £91.44 or in centimetres £3.54 x 25.8064 = £91.35. Please note that this price list is just a guide as we have rounded the money figures off to the nearest penny rather than have endless decimal points when converting sq. centimetres to sq. inches!! 

Post and Packing is FREE to the UK with all orders listed on the chart below for our high impact acetal stamps and our quoted prices include VAT where applicable.  For EU countries we need to quote for additional shipping costs depending on where you are, as costs do vary. We still have to charge VAT for EU member countries, but if you are registered for VAT and can supply us with your VAT number we can putthat on the invoice and this will exempt you from paying VAT. For US and other overseas orders VAT is not chargeable we will quote you for P&P on an individual basis.

We now also make brass stamps but it is not possible to publish a price chart as there are so many variables in designs that affectthe time taken to make brass stamps. So we quote for these individually and the prices we quote exclude P&P and VAT.


Don't have a press?

See this page for information on our hand stamps.